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What I will do if I am a new in Confluence?

  Hi community, This small article is to imagine what I will do if I am new for Confluence. In summary, these theses the main one. 1. Don't worry! 2. Experiments 3. Don't worry and repeat Well, let's start 1. New user needs to know about the site, personal and archived spaces. This is an awesome  article - mission.   2. After that play on his personal space, because you are the owner for your small world in the bigger world of Confluence instance.   Space Permissions overview 3. And the last one is the  macro overview Well, and the last option for a new person is the so helpful add-on (app). That's  c onfluence source editor 3.1. After install this app, you can see this button "<>" 3.2. After that you will confluence xhtml format as CMS system like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.   3.3. For what do I need that possibility? Of course, troubleshooting, automatisation and faster change specific value in one page. One of this info located is  here (Confluence

Continuous cleanup for Jira. Part 2.

  Hi awesome community!    This is the second iteration from series of article about Continuous Jira cleanup which I have tried to implement automation scripts for my Jira instance. ( first one here ) Today, I would like to share a few scripts related to clean up configuration of the project.    Disclaimer,   as usual, everything should be tested in the test-environment first. Also, I'll be happy if you share or provide advice for the related small scripts. All scripts were tested and executed on Jira 7 Server releases (7.6.10, 7.13.0). Well, you can use for execute groovy on Jira one of these apps (add-ons) -  Scriptrunner for Jira (commercial)  ,  MyGroovy (Opensource BSD-2)  ,  Groovioli (Opensource BSD-2)   And scripts based on  this scheme   Well, let's next step is cleanup our Jira instance.   1. Cleanup UnAssociated Issue Type boolean isPreview = true import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor import com.atlassian.jira.config.IssueTypeManager import org.apache