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Why do we need to change the Java Version to 11 and provide a feedback to vendor?

  Hello,    Today I would like to provide my feedback about using JDK 11 and JDK 8. My reason for  that is motivating the other person to go forward with new releases, instead of waiting for the more stable and more robust release, who will test and provide if everyone will wait?    That story of performance depute of JDK 11 vs JDK 8, as that depute started from that article ( reasons to stick Java 8 ) with one of member of Atlassian community, so fully correct way is measure one your instance.    So what about to make a real performance testing on our copy production Jira? As Atlassian team provided a pretty simple toolkit to make performance tests ( performance-toolkit ), sure we can to it.   My setup based on the next things: Copy of production Jira 8.5.4 on dedicated VM Changing the Java version via JAVA_HOME variables with the same arguments and GC strategy (G1GC): [[gonchik.tsymzhitov@jirasandbox1 java]# /usr/java/latest/jre/bin/java -version openjdk version "

The same full-text search engine for different products. Apache Luke.

  Hi, awesome community!   In this article, you can read info about the tool which helps me with search index investigation.  At the moment, I do an investigation with the Russian language stemming and reuse the morphology analysis by reusing existing libraries.  So, as I understand, today we will speak about Apache Lucene index and small awesome utility Apache Luke. Because this search engine library is used for full-text search in the Apache Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch as well.  It means Jira, Confluence, Bamboo on-premises solution used Lucene, Bitbucket used the Elasticsearch. About Cloud, I imagine the Atlassian team used Elasticsearch as it scales easier even Apache Lucene local index. e.g. for Lucene, you need to use for the replication (lucene-replicator - ) or just use Elasticsearch.   Let’s use Apache Luke for the Confluence search indexes: I just copied indexes from ${CONFLUENCE_HOM