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Let's team up and ask for a dark view feature

  Today after updating browser, fortunately, my Github account start to use the dark mode, so I am so happy.  Long time ago it was a needy feature to me.  On-Prem: Cloud:   So possible solutions, you can find below. Marketplace apps: Chrome app:  via Stylus   And last option is  chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark  , which is my favourite one.  Only one problem during browser upgrade of browser sometimes configs of dark mode can be changed. Fortunately, we can start to see more and more services start to use dark mode.  I hope soon Atlassian products will support and the community will be happy with that small feature. Meanwhile we will continue to use the not good d

Why do you need to use the JDK 11 instead of 8?

  Hi!  Gonchik in touch.  As we know Garbage-First is quite a popular garbage collector nowadays. At least more and more articles, product documentation mention G1GC.  Today, I’d like to share a story about leaked Jira Service Desk DC (3 nodes) with more than 20 apps from the marketplace, quite a lot of groovy scripts (405 files), 6 in-house apps. Also, it's continue of  previous article . One of the instances every night do import files into the  “Insight” app , those asset management includes too many assets around 1 mln, as it’s daily import history of objects can grow as well. Let’s focus only on importing procedure, we had 1 dedicated instance with 32GB heap for jdk8u282-b08 and G1GC. During import find out the next behaviour: # cat atlassian-jira-gc.0.current| grep -i "full" 2021-03-30T21:13:19.462+0300: 934.828: [Full GC (Allocation Failure)  31309M->23165M(32768M), 58.7721842 secs ] 2021-03-30T21:14:31.997+0300: 1007.363: [Full GC (Allocation Failure)  28965M-&

Atlassian Community, let's collaborate and provide stats to vendors about our SQL index usage

  Hi!  Gonchik is in touch. Today I would like to get a little bit of help from you related SQL indexes on your Jira installation (Data Center, Server edition does not matter).    I would like to share a story about  PostgreSQL  and  Jira 8.13.3  ( JSD 4.13.3 )  release.  In that post I will be happy if you answer and comment about your instance indexes, as those info can help to improve the existing situation of heavy indexes.  Typically, it starts from improvement of configuration (e.g. using ),  then query analyzing, adding indexes, after removing as heavy one (shortly ) :)    I use like this query in PostgreSQL: SELECT s.schemaname,        s.relname AS tablename,        s.indexrelname AS indexname,        pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(s.indexrelid::regclass)) AS index_size,        idx_tup_read,         idx_tup_fetch,         idx_scan FROM pg_catalog.pg_stat_user_indexes s JOIN pg_catalog.pg_index i O