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How do you start to investigate client-side performance pains of users?

  Hi!  I would like to share in that article, the small trick related to the slowness of Jira, Confluence etc. annoying of users I use everyday.  Also, it’s quite often a question from end-users who are scared to migrate to Cloud, who are experiencing the problem with working with Atlassian products via VPN etc. So I think you will say, maybe you are just asking users to provide a HAR file (  Right, but most of the time, many users ask how to do it after sending a link, how to generate a HAR file, or sending a video. Because the slowness disappears, problem with VPN connection, ISP provider etc. Hence I think sometimes it is better to provide a small tool which will help to indicate a problem.  Therefore I use several years of “ Page load time ” apps for Google Chrome and Firefox.  link:   Source co

Yet another compliance request can initiate additional tests for the LUKS solution

  Hi!    Today I would like to share the story about how one of the Jira Service Desk Data Center installations was degraded after  increasing the number of users and how to improve work on a low level after you can forget that problem. Where main cause was compliance request a few months ago.   For you it will be interesting to make testing and find out your own choice to meet business requirements.  Shortly , moral of that article do more testing and double check your solutions and inform business. So let’s start.  We have business requirements:  All files like attachments, and Jira database (PostgreSQL) must have an additional layer of encryption with the AES algorithm. As a possible solution we did via  LUKS , as our setup worked on an RHEL based OS.  Because it’s quite cheap solution and lower that filesystem, if your sysadmins used a different one. The best one is hardware level (i.e.  NetApp encryption  , but sometimes customers want to economy the solution and meet with some IO

Overview and practical use cases with open source tracing tool for Java Apps. Timeouts

  Hi!  In this article, I would like to share the small story of how Glowroot, other monitoring will help you with the next small story of how huge timeouts can decrease customer satisfaction.  So a few times I heard in one of the installation the problem around the opening Jira, but monitoring shows everything is fine, metrics of response time and TTFB in grafana shows quite good results.    Of course, here helps us with the open source tracing tool Glowroot. After reviewing the exception, I just set the filter  CrowdRestException , to understand the frequency as result I see the time of execution is 10 sec. After clicking to trace, we can easily find the problem with connection timeout which generates a connection to one of the ldap servers. Which is stuck in the authentication process. After changing the read timeout to 3 sec, and excluding from AD pool the failing AD server, it works too well. I hope that the small story will show the timeout waiting response is quite correct, and