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Houston, we have a problem! What an APM tool we will use to find a bottlenecks?

  Hi!  I would like to share a series of articles related to the APM( Application performance monitoring) tool. It based on my investigation of different problems related to the performance.  Let's start from most popular in industry tool "New Relic".  1. We have a business case: it is the angry end of users :)  2. Requirements: 2.1. ASAP detect the bottleneck 2.2. Continuously monitoring the problem 2.3. Possibility to review (on browser side, on backend side and RDMS side as well) 2.4. Price and Functionality   Let's start from scratch.  1. We need to register and install ab agent in our situation is java.  You will see below panel. I have spent on test environment around 5 min to install.  2. For the realistic situation, I have installed an app with the leak. Where immediately NewRelic detects the problem:  3. On the tab of the transaction, you can find the slowest average response time:    4. After we that we can investigate not web type:    5.  And next good thin