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Removing a Field in Jira Can Improve Request Processing Speed by Up to 30 Percent

  During the tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic, I got a request from the Atlassian community to help with a Jira performance issue. Surprisingly, the solution was simple: removing an unused custom field in the default settings improved the performance for many projects. In this article, I’ll explain how this small change made a big difference. The Problem In 2020, as everyone adjusted to remote work and more online activities, users saw a big slowdown in many system, as on-prem Jira’s performance. The cause was hard to find, causing frustration. Error Analysis After adjusting logging level for all dedicated package (still unclear why package com. was only FATAL level), and x Upon delving into the logs, it became evident that there was an overwhelming number of errors linked to a particular custom field. This field, VIM: auto (customfield_16204), was part of the Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) plugin. A typical log entry looked like this: 2020–07–30 13:45:19,458+0300 http-nio-8080-exe

Efficiently Managing Jira Assets: Detecting and Cleaning Up Duplicated History Records

  Maintaining a clean and efficient Jira installation, especially in an On-Prem setup, involves meticulous data management. A common issue faced by administrators is the duplication of history records for assets in Jira, which can lead to database bloat and performance issues. Duplications often stem from situations such as stuck imports, automated processes running recursively, or incorrect manual imports. This article will guide you through the process of detecting and cleaning up duplicated records, with an emphasis on solutions contributed by the Jira community. Understanding the Issue Duplicated history records can severely impact the performance of your Jira instance. As history records accumulate, database queries slow down, and system memory usage increases disproportionately. In one notable case, duplications reached a staggering 52 million records, prompting an urgent need for cleanup. Detecting Duplicated Records Artem Tumanov, a valuable contributor to the Jira community, h