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How OpsGenie help me and Why I returned to the pdf long Incident report?

  Hi! First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the  OpsGenie  team for each integration (Slack, call routings, apps, Jira, etc.). Because that integration helps me to reduce the time of reaction to the incident. So, let's start step by step: We are using OpsGenie since the end of 2016. On that period OpsGenie had a smooth option for delivery SMS notification for our Nagios in the critical problem. Also, it was additional pros as an escalation workflow. Based on flow which is described on official docs we go forward. Source: Now our scheme a little bit complicated and more integrated with another part of the infrastructure. My one of the purpose was autogenerating of the incident report, which was required in our company. Why did I want to have autogenerated? Because we had a pdf template that includes around  50  questions. As a result, I hate the process of fill info into that report and every time as post morte