So when we need to adjust configures for RDBMS? Or DB Performance analysis tools through lazy eyes

 Hi, the community!

Today, I would like to speak about configuration for the RDBMS (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle) and I will be happy to read your feedback. That article will have 4 parts (overview, use cases, specific products, deadlock).

Many times as I see into different environments, installations with Atlassian Suite, as most of the configs are defaults. Therefore I want to share with small tips and tricks, which is used by me for a long time.


Based on that maybe someone will be interested in the short links, for first the configuration before starting to go deep into ANALYZE, EXPLAIN utils.

Let’s start it. 


  1. PostgreSQL 

My favorite tool is

Via that service, I can easy to set the first parameters. I do recommend you check the DB pool connections in dbconfig.xml (KB of dbconfig.xml) + add a few extra connections (typically I add +10 it depends on replication/bi/other connections), otherwise, you can’t log in. 

You can see one of my server setups.




Second favorite tool is (

[root@jiramirror ~]# wget -O
[root@jiramirror ~]# yum install -y perl-DBD-Pg
[root@jiramirror ~]# perl

2.MySQL (and other forks Percona, Galera, MariaDB)

So about the MySQL side, I must write about legendary tools (

On the below screenshots you can see some of my metrics. As that tool in a short time provide you a full overview of that moment.


Also, I do recommend read recommendations carefully, cause them will help you :)



And another my favourite tool is


I use both tools before going to investigate deeply slow queries.


As for slow queries I use pt-query-digest

I will describe next time to find some problematic plugin queries in your system.


3. Oracle

For the Oracle, I did not often do the investigation of the bottlenecks as most of problems fixed by the Spotlight. (

4. MS SQL Server 

For the MS SQL server is the same mostly, I used the general performance counters and a few tips and tricks

So as a lazy person, I use sometimes the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer ( 



 First of all, I want to say thank you for the improving your ecosystem and Atlassian team for the improving DB schema each release for the performance perspectives.

I will be happy if you share your favourite tools/services/products for the RDBMS performance review, analysis, reporting etc.. Also, I hope you saw I like most open-source tools, as proprietary tools optimized by some specific products easy.

If you are interested of some tips and tricks around tuning RDBMS I can share my experience and use cases and do a small investigation on your environments if you want.

But please, mark the continuous monitoring. measuring will help you to have a tuned ecosystem. 




Gonchik Tsymzhitov


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