Insight usage feedback article

 Today, I would like to collaborate with the community about  the real usage of Insight for Jira in world instances and provide my feedback.

As we know on Cloud, Insight for Jira has a limit of 400k objects for Enterprise subscription, 60k for other situations on the Cloud. So for the on-premises releases Insight for Jira has not any limitation, except heap size requirement. 

Objects in Insight

JVM memory













Note the next info: remember to always test the memory consumption in a test environment for a huge data set, because it's not always the number of objects, but the content of the object attributes as well at play. 

i.e. one of my instance has 

  • Jira/JSD/JSM version: 8.13.9 (3 nodes in DC)
  • Insight version: 8.7.9
  • Java version: 11.0.11+9
  • GC Strategy: G1GC 
  • Heap Size: 38 GB
  • Count of Objects: 1.6 mln objects
  • Count of Units (Attribute values): 49 mln units

At the moment, it works well, based on the performance metrics we can meet soon with limits, then I will be happy if vendor will review app and reduce memory usage. 

You can fill that form,

after we can review the stats of usage. (SQL queries for getting stats )


  1. Vendor will help us for customers with memory usage, because to me is quite unclear why do we need to increase each time a RAM and heap usage.
  2. Understand how to correctly use the Insight, maybe we need to reduce number of automation, imports and attribute values. I hope vendor will provide a stats features as app functionality for easier indicate possible weakness.
  3. Also, I hope once we can see retention policy features. :) 




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